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  • The Differ Twins: Gert & Gabby

    "Someone's Gotta Stripe All These Roads"

    Paisley In The Land Of Oz

    A Mysterious Adventure

    The City Is Safe

  • This Is Not That Story!

  • The Heart Project & Christmas Wish

    Behind The Scenes & A Small Sample Of A Speed Edit...

    This is not a complete speed edit. And you won't see the hours and hours of work that went into each layer (I'm sure you are grateful not to have to sit through that).

    I'm just turning on a few layers for you to see, so you can get a sense of how these were constructed.


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    The Heart Project: Christmas Wish

    Images are taken of children who have to remain in the hospital over the holidays...

    And then we turn them into Magical Images for the families~

    The Heart Project: Christmas Wish continued...

    Sometimes siblings are included as well

    The Christmas Bed

    The Christmas Bed ... Behind The Scenes ... And A Speed Edit (of sorts)

  • Watch To See How Paisley Got To The

    Land Of Oz

    Take a look and enjoy!

    Speed Edit Video: 4 Minutes

    Dogtor Nellie Creates Her Own Videos...Without My Help

    Video Created By Doctor Nellie To Help Me Decide What Kind Of Video "I" Should Make...Now remember, she doesn't have thumbs...so quite a feat. She also doesn't care about

    camera shake, focus, color grading, etc. Unlike me, she just goes for it. (And by the way, notice how she's very good at getting herself in almost all the frames)

    2 Minutes 47 Seconds

  • Imagine Images

    The Differ Family

    The Differ Family is aptly named, as they do everything "differ"ently. From vacuuming leaves at night, having relatives who look surprisingly like canines (from the 1800s and today), a mother whose favorite mode of transportation is Tree Travel, and an aunt who expects to receive her mail no matter where she might be


    See each description and the Behind The Scenes videos below

  • The "MINDING" Series


    Now a mock-up for a children's book

    Use scroll bar on right to read the book

    You can change the size below + or -

  • What Character Would You Like To Be?

    Take this fun survey

    ...And I'll know what to create for your one of a kind STORYTELLING IMAGINE IMAGE

    If you'd like to take the survey now, click on the "Take The Survey Now" button below.

    If you'd like me to send it to your phone, just send me an email.

    It takes only a few minutes to fill it out, and you'll get to use your imagination.


    Imagine Images

    Conceptual Fine Art photography is a lengthy and time-consuming process. For me, it starts long before the click of the camera. It requires starting with a backstory, a theme, an emotion, and a storyboard. Next, I gather the props, the appropriate wardrobe, I scout the location, or create a setting and time period.


    Each piece of the composition is photographed separately in order to get things right in camera. If flying books are in the piece, photos are taken of each book at a variety of angles, using the correct lighting and lighting direction, so the books and subject are lit correctly and the lighting makes sense to the viewer.


    In order to bring it all together each piece of the portrait is shot using the correct point of view, camera angle, angle of light, lighting, and composition. Then the drama is addressed using color, texture, movement...and even smoke bombs.


    Conceptual Art inspires you to think about the visual storytelling as if it were a painting. It requires much more than a passing glance to appreciate the nuances. Is the piece whimsical? Is it based on symbolism? What is the character's story, or mindset? What time period is reflected, or is the time period unknown? Is there conflict? Is there joy? Is there mystery?

    "Tea Time Is Ruined"


    Behind The Scenes: What does it take to create a magical image like the one above this video?

    Watch this 1 minute video to find out. (This is not the finished image)

  • Hi, I'm Linda. I can't wait

    to create a one of a kind conceptual art

    image for you or record your family

    adventures through photos & film.

  • Whimsical . Non-Traditional . Irreverent ... With A Splash Of Mischief






    My two loves are at opposite ends of the artistic spectrum. My Digital Conceptual "Imagine Images" can take over 30 hours to complete.

    In my family documentary work, I delve into your real life, and that includes messy faces, hilarious misadventures, mischievous cookie raids, and yes, even meltdowns.



  • Contact Us

    Don't be afraid to reach out.

    YOU + us = awesome.

  • Connect With Me

    Website: www.LindaMaveri.com


    Email: LindaMaveri@gmail.com


    Before you go, I just want you to know that I don't want there to be any surprises to your budget, so you'll know well in advance what everything costs. Since my focus is on creating amazing tangible products, rather than delivering just digital files on a USB flash drive, you will have a whole range of options ... matted wall prints, albums, and memory and folio boxes for "Family Documentary" images. And for your "Imagine Images" you'll be able to choose wall prints for you and your relatives/friends, personal mobile apps, a web version to share on social media, and "Behind The Scenes" videos.


    P.S. You're just not going to find me on Facebook, SnapChatting, etc. racking up likes and followers for hours a day. I'm too busy taking photos of wonderful families and creating fine art portraits.

    Also...my son works in cyber security, so I am very aware of trolling, hacking, etc. I love to share your photos on social media, however I do so as responsibly as possible...and mainly on Instagram.


    Thanks for visiting my "webbie", as a friend of mine likes to say.


    All rights reserved


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We take your trust in us to heart. And that is why we are using this opportunity not only to reaffirm our commitment to safeguarding your personal data but also to provide you with more details about how you can manage that data.